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Rethink pipe hole cutting.

Rethink pipe hole cutting.

Fasten the clamp, pull the trigger and let Snapdrill do the work for you. With our patented technology you'll save time, money and improve work safety from the first cut.


How? Self-centering clamp. Automatic feed. Carbide cutting teeth. Unparalleled stability. Incredible tool life and see to believe speed.

Say good-bye to broken wrists, pilot bits and off center outlets. Say hello to Snapdrill.

Be more productive. 

An experienced fitter can drill fast by hand, but not for an entire day. It's a physically demanding process. Snapdrill does the hard work for you, and allows for productivity the whole day - in the vise and under the ceiling. Ask us about our latest case study, where one fitter was able to install 250 mechanical t's in one shift. 

Save 5 minutes per hole compared to manual hole cutting. Drill 3000 holes, and you have saved 250 work hours. That sure comes in handy when you are short on labor to begin with. 

Build more precisely. 

For correct installation of the mechanical-t fitting the hole must be in the center of the pipe, with a smooth edge that does not damage the rubber gasket. Incorrect installation can cause leaks on the system. Snapdrill hits center every time, and ensures a clean result. The built in 3 position level allows for perfect alignment. 

Cut consumption.

Normally, a regular hole saw will last 10-15 holes. And then there are the pilot bits. With the cutting stability of the Snapdrill clamping system and automatic feed, hole saws last more than 400 holes. 

Work safer. 

Many fitters struggle with shoulders and wrists. It's a profession that takes a toll on the body, and manual hole cutting is no exception. Every fitter has experienced the wear and tear, the hole saw bite and more. Snapdrill is fixed to the pipe, and works through without the need of pushing. It gives power to the fitter, in the field and in the shop. 



Snapdrill kun symbol - negativ.png

Snapdrill ensures precise 

operation that makes for longer lasting hole saws than with any other method. 400 holes per hole saw.



Snapdrill kun symbol - negativ.png

The tool is fixed to the pipe, and its unique slip clutch feeds the hole saw automatically. No more hole saw bite. 


Snapdrill kun symbol - negativ.png

The clamping jaws makes Snapdrill self-centering. No more fumbling with a chain or center punch and pilot bit. 

Need help getting started with Snapdrill?

More than 1500 machines sold world-wide.

Open up the possibilities.



"I used to dread drilling outlets. With Snapdrill, it's a piece of cake. An ingenious tool, truly."

Marius, Eriksen & Jensen AS

"Snapdrill will help me have even more years in my trade. It's as easy to use in the ladder as on the ground. 

Thomas, Sig. Halvorsen

"Snapdrill is really speeding up our process, and we are saving loads on pilot bits and hole saws. Going back to the old way is unthinkable."


Clas, Kvisler Sprinkler AS

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