Frequently asked questions

Who is behind Snapdrill?

Snapdrill is manufactured and developed by GMV AS, who has over 30 years of experience in CNC machining, gun drilling, development of special tools, prototypes and product development.

What can Snapdrill be used for?

Snapdrill is suitable for any job that needs drilling. In the development phase, the tool was specifically intended for mechanical tee's and outlet couplings, but can in practice drill in all types of steel and plastic pipes for any purpose.

Why is it worth investing in Snapdrill?

First and foremost, you are able to drill significantly faster with Snapdrill. It is also safer and more precise than anything else. Using Snapdrill can lead the company to an increased bottom line, but is also a great HSE advantage in terms of safety. Snapdrill saves you time and cuts the tool consumption dramatically. After a few hundred holes, we reckon that Snapdrill will be worth your investment, which makes it profitable for both large and small companies.

Why is Snapdrill more effective than other methods?

First and foremost, it must be emphasized that you save yourself from all preparation. The patented technical solutions in Snapdrill makes drilling in pipes a quick, easy and effortless task. The characteristic claw clamps the tool directly on the pipe and is self-centering, which eliminates the need for driving and pre-drilling. The result is perfectly centered holes every time, without the need for filing. The built-in level makes it easy to find the right angles. The stepless gearbox inside Snapdrill feeds the tool through the pipe without the need for further effort from the operator, which means that you can drill quickly, safely and precisely. This removes all strain on the wrists, which one is used to in conventional drilling.

The pipe dimension / hole dimension I need does not exist. Do you make custom tools?

We have skilled people on the team who are willing to go to great lengths to meet the customer's needs. Snapdrill can be adapted to other types of pipes and hole saws by inquiry.

Why can you only use Metabo battery drill with Snapdrill?

One of the many prerequisites for Snapdrill to function optimally is that the tool is mounted directly to the power tool. All battery drills have a different design, and Metabo was well suited for making a quick lock good for Snapdrill. The quick connection provides the most efficiency and safety, not to mention convenience.

Where can I get hole saws for Snapdrill?

The hole saws are designed by the development team in Snapdrill and can only be ordered directly from us.

What do I do if an error occurs?

If the user manual does not address the problem you are experiencing, or you need repair / spare parts, please contact us directly.

Where is Snapdrill made?

Snapdrill is designed and produced by GMV AS at Forus in Rogaland. This is a modern machining company with over 30 years of experience. The hole saws are designed in Norway and ordered from one of our partners in Taiwan. Various small parts come from other subcontractors, but the tool is mainly manufactured in Norway.

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